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This is exciting. A building is currently being constructed in Dubai whose height is kept a secret. It will most probably be one of the tallest in the world when finalized, if not THE tallest.
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Information about Al-Burj

Al Burj is a skyscraper proposed in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and is expected to rival Burj Dubai for the world's tallest building title. If built, it will form the centrepiece of the Dubai Waterfront being developed by Al Nakheel, which is also the developer of the Palm Islands.

Like the Burj Dubai, officials have said the tower will be at least 700 m tall although the official height will remain secret. This certainly will make it among the tallest buildings in the world. Some rumours have even suggested it will break the 1-km mark and there are indeed renditions of it with at least 205 floors and huge twin spires which would suggest something within this height range.

Al Burj was originally proposed as "The Pinnacle" in 2004 for the trunk of Palm Jumeirah but has now been redesigned and moved to the Dubai Waterfront, probably due to aesthetic reasons.

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