Kawarau bridge, New Zealand

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Kawarau bridge, Queenstown
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The Kawarau bridge hosted the first commercial bungy jump in the world (43 meters).
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Information about Kawarau bridge

New Zealand's major tidal lake, Lake Wakatipu, in northwestern Otago, drains to the Kawarau River, which flows generally eastwards for about 60 km until it reaches Lake Dunstan near Cromwell. The Shotover River enters it from the north; the Nevis River enters it from the south. The river passes through the steep Kawarau gorge during its journey.

In the 19th century, gold was extracted from the river. Some of the miners' huts remain today, many of them close to thriving vineyards.

Tourist adventure activities on the river include jet boating, white water rafting, river surfing, and bungy jumping. The Kawarau Bridge, 43m above the river, is the site of the world's first commercial bungy jumping operation. The river is also the largest volume commercially rafted in New Zealand.

The river also featured in the 2001 motion picture, The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

The name should be pronounced to rhyme with "now" but is often mispronounced as if it were "K'worra". It should not be confused with the Bay of Plenty town "Kawerau".

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