About GECP

This website started in November 2005 pretty much 5 hours after I used Google Earth for the first time. I was struck by the endless possibilites and wanted to see more cool places. I started this so that I would get my own website to share and watch the placemarks.

My name is Christoffer and created this website, I live in Stockholm (Sweden). I love to travel so I see this as a perfect way to find out new places to travel to. For me it has been really cool to use Google Earth to find the different places in the world I have lived in (like, USA, Slovakia and Ecuador), check out my travel blog Tales Of Trips as well.I am always trying to gather money to go on trips. This is a reason for the ads on this website :)

These are my favorites on GECP:

  • Cotopaxi - I lived near this volcano for six months. It is beautiful (check out a picture I have taken)!
  • Sears Tower - One of the first placemarks on this site and also one the best. Such high resolution and such an amazing construction.
  • The indian face - It is truly amazing how perfect the resemblance is!
  • Hoover Dam - The view of the dam in 3D is awesome.
  • Las Vegas - What can you say? A city that contains all the wonders of the world.

This website is optimized for Mozilla Firefox although it should work perfectly fine for Internet Explorer as well. I have used EditPlus, StyleMaster and Filezilla for the development of the website.

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Google Earth cool places has been recognized by many websites and newspapers. Among the most famous ones and of those I know of there are:

  • Der Spiegel - 2007-02-04 (passing about 2 500 visitors in one day)
  • Digg.com - 2006-07-04 (passing about 33 000 visitors in one day!)


Disclaimers: All the content here is © GoogleEarthCoolPlaces.com (2005-2008), if not stated otherwise. The vast majority of the kmz-links and material has been uploaded by the visitors and I cannot check the source of this material so if you find material that belongs to someone else, e-mail me and I will check it out. This website is made out of pure personal interest and I am no employee of Google and the website content is by no means controlled or produced by Google.